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james kent 10-17-2008 09:57 PM

It's seven o'clock in the evening. I'm boiling down some beef bones to get the bone for musical instrument parts. At 9 0'clock I'll change the water and repeat the process. In the meantime I'll go down to my workshop and tinker for a bit.
It's now 11:30 and my better half asks when I'm going to be finished using her good pot.
OH HOT D$%^M !!!
I forgot all about the stuff on the stove. [Call it a seniors moment]
I race upstairs to find the pot dry, the bones black and the air thick and smoky, and sticky. There's grease spattered all over everything in sight. So I toss the pot and bones out into the garbage. There's no sense trying to clean that mess and I guess I owe someone a new pot.
I get out the mop and pail and start cleaning the walls, stove and floor. As I reach across the stove I upset her big salt shaker and the bottom falls off spilling about half a pound of salt into the sticky mess.
To shorten the tail, NOBODDY is speaking to me. It,s twelve thirty, the dog wants to go out before bedtime but won't come up the stairs because of the smell and I still don't have any material for nuts and bridges. Gues I'll sleep with the dog tonight if she's not too mad at me too.
IF there's a next time I'm ordered to use my old back packing stuff and do the job outside.
Guess I deserved that.

Connie M. 10-18-2008 03:45 AM


Gina D. 10-18-2008 11:11 AM


the bones black
Tell the buyer it's a dinosaur bone nut.


graphite :roflol

Frederick L. Simson 10-18-2008 02:05 PM


It's now 11:30 and my better half asks when I'm going to be finished using her [b]good pot.
Have you ever known a cook to keep a bad pot? :roflol

April Wilcox 10-18-2008 02:45 PM

DO'H! :duh

Alf S. 10-19-2008 02:42 PM

Hi: Jim... You sure are lucky she'll let you "Smoke Her Pot"!!! :roflol
Alf S. North shore of Lake Erie :wave

Roger C H 10-19-2008 07:32 PM

Why did you throw out that pot? Sounds to me like it was just seasoned and broken in! :woohoo:

james kent 10-20-2008 06:03 AM

A guy gets mimself in a bit of kaka and all you guys want to talk about is pot[s]

Gina D. 10-20-2008 03:32 PM



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