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Elizabeth.G. 05-19-2009 11:53 AM

Just bought my first trailer last fall . :yep A Captain in pretty great shape.

By the time we went up to see it a month later it had leaked and grown mold. :omy
(it was tarped but water probably came in around the handles and tail lights)

I washed it down with bleach, removed the fabric (from the bottom of the windows down on either end) and sprayed everything with stuff designed to kill/inhibit mold growth. Then we caulked it, aired it out to dry over a few days and then covered it completely with a tarp for winter.

Checked it out this spring and it looks just like we left it. Don't smell any more mold but can't be totally sure. There are a few places in the floor that feel "spongy" under the linoleum that I suspect may be rotten. The two or three spots feel about 4' wide and run width-wise across the floor under the large table/bed. I'm a slightly handy gal, but this may be WAY outta my league. What are the layers of these floors made of? Do I have to pull out all the cabinets to replace a floor? What do I replace it with? How long does it take? What tools do I need? How much is it likely to cost? Is it a job I am better to hire someone to do, and what would be a reasonable cost?

Since I've taken off the fabric from the ends, it looks awful now. There is orange "stuff" all over the walls that is the foam backing from the fabric. The rest of the fabric is old and starting to come off anyway, so the whole thing probably needs doing. Do I need to remove that orange stuff, or can I just glue something right over it???? What kind of material should I use, how much should it cost and how do I put it up? :conf

Still happy, but a little overwhelmed.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Martin in Fonthill 05-19-2009 03:05 PM

Hello Elizabeth

We are redoing our Captain now. It can look discouraging when starting out but it is not as bad as it seems. We removed all of the pink stuff. We used scrapers and even a wire wheel on a big grinder . the stuff sticks to everything and is a real mess. Where the floor was soft we removed it. it is 3/8" plywood nailed to 1" sleepers which are glued to the fiberglass underside. we also had to cut the perimeter of the plywood away from the sides. New plywood, screwed in place with 6x1" brass screws, then sealed the perimeter with fiberglass cloth and epoxy, and the floor is like new. So far it is more work than money. I am now working on the outside picking away at imperfections to make sure there are no leaks, when I find one I simply fill with epoxy. when I am done I will paint with a good auto enamel.
I have attached a couple of pictures. This is at its worst. once the rotten wood was removed and the area cleaned up it looks much better.

If I can find more pics I will post them (they are buried in among 25000 + images)
Near Welland ,Ontario

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