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Adrian W 06-12-2009 09:22 PM

They have just finished construction adding electric sites at the South Stockage Lake Campground, changing it from a first come, first served to a reservation campground at Custer State Park.

My son & family just spent a few there, very muddy, rained most of the time but the new construction has not gotten any grass growing yet making it one muddy mess.

Not the best place after/with rain or without even.

Should be better in time. After some growth takes place.

North Stockage Lake Campground has paved roads, sites and has been a reservation site for long time. It is also more on a ridge, where South Stockage Lake Campground is down in a low area. These are the first campgrounds in the Park when entering the Park from the town of Custer.

They just took the time off during a wet spell. But without rain, the forests would burn off. Wisdom or What!

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