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Amy M 01-10-2010 06:25 PM

The roof of my boler has two vents. One is the big scamp-type escape hatch that was put in recently. It seems to be solid and leak-free.

Then there is a smaller vent with a small 12v fan (like 5 inches in diameter, at most) just a few inches away that was put in longer ago. This one seems to leak quite badly and will need to at least be resealed. However, I think the roof sags some on one side between the two vents. I am wondering if I should just get rid of the smaller vent and fill in that hole (I would probably hire someone experienced in fiberglassing to do this, and also have them look over the fiberglass to see if there are any other repairs that need to be made, such as strengthening the roof or repairing the chips in the gelcoat). The fan is not great quality and I am concerned that if the roof sags a bit at one corner, it won't be possible to fix the leaking problem.

If I do this, I will still have a large vent on the roof, but no fan.

I found a listing on craigslist for a fiberglass professional who is having a winter special on labor, and I am considering just biting the bullet and getting this done to eliminate possible endless headaches.

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