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Robin G 04-23-2010 11:49 PM

1972 Trail Mite $4750

This is a 1972 Trail Mite. It is made of fiberglass and is similar to the Burro, Casita and Scamp. It is very light -- approximately 1,000 lbs. and can be towed with an SUV or little truck. I towed it for years with my Saturn Vue.


Upholstery is in good shape. No rips or tears.

It is only 10 feet long and fits nicely in my driveway. It is a few inches too tall to fit in my garage, but fits in my friend's garage. You would have to measure your own garage door opening.

There is a propane tank, but I seriously can't tell you if it works or not. I never cooked inside and covered the stovetop with a swiveling TV stand. Same thing with the sink. I never hooked up the water to a hose the whole time I owned it.

Dining table makes into a bed. Couch on the other side supposedly, makes into a bunk bed and sleeps 4. Some slick advertising but I really would honestly say this trailer is great for one or possibly 2 people.

Cute, red and white polka dot curtains with room darkener backing - in great shape!

Solid floor with off-white linoleum tiles.

Some decorative pinstriping on outside.

Tires are in good shape and were purchased last year. There are vintage hubcaps from an old Mercury. Guys stop me all the time asking me about the hubcaps!

Icebox, not a refrigerator.

No toilet.

At this point, it is decorated in I Love Lucy memorabilia and Sisters On The Fly decals which will be removed this weekend. I am also replacing the ceiling vent which has recently developed a tiny leak. Because of the fiberglass shell, there are no other leaks in the trailer. I will post more pictures of the interior once the decorations are removed. If you are familiar with the Scamp, etc, they are all basically the same floorplan.

I am located in Murrieta, California off of the 15 and the California Oaks exit. I would "possibly" considering delivering the trailer depending on timing and the location. I would need to charge for my gas. I would "possibly" consider a trade for a canned ham. I want to keep the VEGAMIN license plate.

This trailer has been used and dearly loved. I am selling it because I want to buy a bigger one.

Please email me with any questions.

I will accept cash or Paypal

Thanks, Anita

Kevin K 04-24-2010 06:32 AM

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