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Robin G 06-10-2010 10:46 PM


This beautiful little piece of vintage America is ready to be adopted into a caring family. U Haul only manufactured these great little campers for two years, in 1984 and 85, and they are extremely hard to find. Check out the photos, I have tried to give you an appreciation for the engineering and creative design that went into this egg. You will see that the outside fiberglass is in good condition The U Haul was designed as a fiberglass shell within a shell. Its double walled construction gives it great insulation. The interior is a gel-coated fiberglass shell that absorbs no odors, and can be wiped down with a damp cloth. The tires are almost brand new and have hardly been used since they were purchased. It can sleep 3 to 4 and weighs only about 1000 pounds. It is so light, in fact, that you can push it around on its tongue wheel and hitching up is a breeze. You can easily pull it at 80 mph with no sway whatsoever. If you want elegant simplicity and a fuel conserving camper that can be pulled by even a 4 cylinder vehicle, this it the bid you want to win. It is clean throughout, has no leaks, and the original upholstery is in excellent condition with no rips or tears. It has a bench seat across the width of the camper on the front end that could easily be modified to swing up to make bunk beds. At the rear of the camper is a dinette that will seat 5 people. (I have included a picture of the table, but the pedestal is missing. A 3 foot length of plastic pipe about 2 inches in diameter is all that's necessary.) It easily converts to a double bed. It also has lots of storage space, and 6í 2" of headroom. It also has an air conditioner mounted in the rear window. Its out of the way, works great, and is only a year old.

The original tail-light covers have been lost, and a new pair of tail-lights have been installed. The camper does not have a battery, but the interior 115volt outlets work when the camper is connected to shore power.

If youíre looking for an all-original collectible, this isnít the one because it has been modified. The previous owner, like many of us, was not too keen on propane appliances and furnaces that are 20 years old. In addition, since 9-11-01, propane tanks are considered hazmats and are restricted on many bridges and tunnels. So he removed all the propane stuff. The camper does have the original galley sink.

For whatever reason, one of the side windows was removed and covered with a fiberglass panel. Should you want to replace the window, I am supplying a brand new, in the box, replacement window.

This is a great little camper, ready to go as is, or suitable for whatever myriad of additions and upgrades you might envision. The original title disappeared years ago and it will be sold with a clear, "Homemade trailer" title from the state of North Carolina.

Good luck bidding. Please review my feedback and bid with confidence.

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