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malotte 11-10-2010 09:52 PM

New to Fiberglass RV
Trying to learn how to navigate this site - not too computer literate! Anyway, I have recently found a nice '73 Tote N Tarry. Everything is original and works! However, The rock guards are missing on front and rear windows. The only "egg" I know of , as far as I can tell, that is close to being the same as the "Tote" is the Trail Mite. Of, course, I can find no parts for that either. Would any one know if a rock guard from any of the other 13' trailers would work on the "Tote"? Or be close enough to modify? Anyway, having lots of fun reading all the comments, questions, etc., and looking forward to getting my "egg" on the road!:loltu. Thanks - Carl

Cyndi B. 11-10-2010 10:30 PM

Is that Nebraska's Lincoln?

malotte 11-10-2010 10:42 PM

Hi Cindy B.! No, this one is Calif.

Matt in SV 11-10-2010 11:41 PM

Welcome to the forum, Carl. Do post some pictures of your find when you have the opportunity. I am sure it would be nice to add more photos to the Gallery, where you'll find a couple examples

1973 Tote N Tarry Ext 1



malotte 11-11-2010 12:10 AM

Thanks for the welcome, Matt! I do intend to post a few photos, just as soon as I take care of a couple of items - that is, if I can figure out how to do it! I accidentally posted this page, and now have forgotten how I did it. But I will persevere! If you don't mind, a simple walk-thru of the keys to punch to initiate a new post - and how to add photos would really be appreciated. I hate to admit how dumb I am - I really do. THANKS, Carl

Donna D. 11-11-2010 08:38 AM

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Welcome to FiberglassRV Carl. The Tote N Tarry is really cool. I've only seen one in person. It was Larry's and Dot's at the Oregon Gathering several years back.

To post a new topic: once you're in the forum you want to post to, click this button near the upper left-hand corner of your screen:
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To add pictures, see this thread where I posted the info (with screen shots!). How to upload and post pictures by Donna D.

Hope you find this helpful.


malotte 11-14-2010 08:45 PM

Thanks Donna, I think I have it fairly well figured out now. Won't do any more posting, though, until I have more to report, and pics to show. My "Lil Tote" is coming along real nice. Have the plastic water tank in the shop getting a leak repaired. Would delete this post out of the system - but don't know how. Hopefuly it will expire automatically after a time.

Again, Thanks!

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