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Cricket 09-27-2012 07:47 AM

The quest continues.....
In my quest to not be "eggless" anymore, I have blanketed my immediate area with all kinds of wanted ads. Last night someone called me! He is elderly and hard of is the general gist of the conversation. His friend contacted me first (presumably because he can hear better) and told me his buddy had a scamp...the bigger one (16' I would guess) and was interested in trading for my motorcycle, but wanted to confirm I still had the bike (one of my wanted ads was a offer to trade it for a camper). I told him I had it and his friend called me back. After hearing some details of my bike, he asked how many people I wanted it to sleep. I told him four and then he don't want the Scamp, you want the Burro (he called me back at 1045pm and sounded semi-intoxicated....but he was funny, so I kept talking to him). I asked why he had more than one and he told me he likes to collect that sort of thing. Anyway, he said he bought it from an elderly lady two years ago. She and her husband had bought it and used it once and then it sat. He towed it home and it has been there for two years....sitting. When I asked what year it was, he said he couldn't remember....'91, '92, '98....something like that. The burros weren't made in 91 or 92 were they? While there are all sorts of red flags flying all over the place, I think we are going to go and take a look at it. Anything I would need to check on a Burro that has been sitting for the better part of 14 years? I don't know if it's stored inside or out....could be a diamond in the rough, but I am not getting my hopes up! Where do you find the year on the Burros? Obviously it will need new tires, I am more concerned about will need to check closely for that! In any case, we are not taking the kids, so it'll be an adventurous evening with hubby! Stay posted! I will try to post pictures when we are looking (tomorrow evening) at it (the android app is SUPER easy to use).....with any areas of concern!

rabbit 09-27-2012 08:14 AM

I know I'd be concerned about the "worst" part of 14 yrs. sitting. It could be a '98 Escondido, CA-produced (1st yr) Burro in which case there will be a sticker on both the tongue (if not painted over) and on the left door jamb. If that's what it is, it's been "sitting" since new. The earlier Sac City Burros weren't produced in the 90s if memory serves. Unless I miss my guess from your description of your "trailer collector" and the pattern of use of the original owner, you will only need one photo to show the "area of concern." Never know til we try, do we? Good luck.


Thomas G. 09-27-2012 09:47 AM

I'd worry about the floor being rotted and or the door not being solid.

CindyL 09-27-2012 10:28 AM

If it is legit and you are handy, things can be fixed.


Cricket 09-27-2012 11:08 AM

Don't know how handy i am, but i can learn.....there are super helpful folks here.....

Carol H 09-27-2012 04:20 PM

Cricket you should look at the Scamp he has as well - all sounds like an intreasting adventure if nothing else! ;-) You might want to ask if they can turn the fridge on a number of hours before you get there so you can confirm it works. Also might want to take a propane tank with you so you can try out the stove.

If you dont already have it there is a Buyers Check List worth printing off in the Documents Center here

mary and bob 09-27-2012 05:21 PM

I'm wondering why an elderly guy who is hard of hearing wants a motorcycle. I'm concerned that they are trying to lure you in for some criminal purpose. I hope it's not one of those "I'll meet you in some remote location" things. If you have an address for where the trailers are I would drive by first and get a feel of the area. I'm probably being overly cautious here, but to me it sounds kind of fishy.

Donna D. 09-27-2012 05:50 PM

Hummm, Cricket... just don't let your excitement cause you to leave your common sense behind. Okay? Over the years, we've heard some pretty strange stories that have turned out okay. AND, I'm pulling for you. BUT, I'd take someone with me and make sure someone knew where we were going and who we're going to meet....

Cricket 09-27-2012 06:34 PM

My husband and I both work in the law enforcement field. We are fairly well versed at reading a situation and checking out somewhere thoroughly before we get out of the car....and I am not afraid to drive away from somewhere creepy...I have certainly done it more than once. I wondered about the motorcycle thing myself. I am taking cash along to buy it (he doesn't know that), and I am not taking my bike, so he won't have much to gain I don't think. Additionally, I am a black belt (which isn't fool proof), but I can inflict some serious pain if necessary.....I am not terribly worried about the meeting, but will remain cautious none the less. I am looking at it more with curiousity at this point....should be fun.

Donna D. 09-27-2012 06:40 PM

Sounds like we have more in common than you know :wink

Good luck!!

Cricket 09-28-2012 09:14 PM

The condition of the Burro made me very sad....why to people buy a trailer...park it in the weeds....and just leave it there. It was filthy dirty on the outside with moss and what not growing on it, but that could've been powerwashed. It was in a raspberry bramble, so looking under it wasn't possible and it was squeezed between a tree and an old truck, and blocked in front and back by a boat and another tree...he didn't pull it out of the weeds for looked OK (they were still inflated, but probably should be replaced). The door seal was probably good as there were about a zillion boxelder bugs in the groove around the door, but none in the trailer (until we opened it anyway). Seals around the windows looked good. The vent had three or four holes in it, so probably had water leaking into it for awhile. There were about 100 pounds of dead bugs, but again, I can clean! The carpet strip had fallen from the ceiling (nothing a little glue couldn't fix)....the back bed was under the A/C and there was a pile of seed shells, styrofoam bits and A/C filter material bits.....a little curious....but obviously something had been in there. Had the front dinette that made into a bunk and then the double bed, and it had a toilet (I didn't see a shower). Cushions were in good shape. Found the original sales receipt....$2650.00. It was used on one trip by the original owners and when they got home, the guy got sick and died, so the lady never used it again. She sold it to the current owner a couple years ago....he never used it. I started to go through cupboards....when I lifted the cover off the stove, there was a mouse looking back at me....slammed the cover down again (now the pile on the bed makes sense though). Looked in some of the outside compartments (good thing it was getting dark and cooling off) and one of them was a solid wasp which I am allergic. The mouse and the wasps and the water damage, along with the obvious damage somewhere to the A/C made me decide it was too much. The original receipt (and the title for that matter) say it was a 1990 model, 16'. So....the little Burro sits....there was some cracking on the inside walls as well.....with so much I couldn't see, I walked away and told him I had to check on some things....any advice one way or the other. He wants to trade for my motorcycle (and I don't really want it to sit and rot), so I will make a cash offer if I decide to get it. My dad says once there are mice in a camper, they are hard to keep out. I'm all for cleaning and scrubbing, but have never done the structural repair, so probably am not much good at makes me sad to leave it there.....

Ron in BC 09-28-2012 09:50 PM

Interesting situation:) I think time and the trailer situation is on your side and that you need more information.

I'd suggest another visit, this time taking some shears and a mat to lie on and getting a good look under the trailer. If the under parts look reasonable then I'd try and check out the trailer equipment as much as you can. If at that point you feel, at some price, it's worth pursuing let the negotiations begin.

I'd make it clear at the on-set that the motorcycle isn't part of the deal and that it's a cash deal. Seems to me that that would allow you more room to start with a low ball offer and who knows, he might go for it. But what do I know about negoiating low ball offers, my wife is the deal maker in our family:loltu


Cricket 09-29-2012 05:04 AM

It just seems to me that the shell should be fine. It is my understanding that all the cabinets are molded in, so they should be easy enough to clean. With them being molded in, the flooring shouldn't be UNDER the cabinets, so that and the carpet strip can go. The floor where I walked felt solid....obviously that needs to be checked more....the A/C is likely trashed (anyone know the opening size that makes) but I'd like to put in a fantastic fan anyway. How are the floor done in the Burrio? Are they fiberglassed like the casitas or wood like the scamps? Also...with at least one mouse inside, how likely is it that they could get between the two fiberglass walls? Ceiling felt solid. My cousin sews and obviously the cushions would be gone, but getting new ones shouldn't be that difficult. Wasps nests can be wiped out. So I guess my main concerns (assuming of course the floor is solid underneath)....are the mouse (and his friends) and the holes in the vent that obviously let water in. I will give him a call and ask if we can come back and if he'll tow it out of the weeds. He obviously isn't using it and it obviously is no longer in the condition he expected it would be....any thoughts on the mice, water and where to start on a price?

Thomas G. 09-29-2012 05:33 AM

Cricket, if the floor is not rotten, this sounds salvageable. It is indeed sad to see these campers shoved off into the weeds, but there is also opportunity here.

I would be tempted to show up with nice crisp $100 bills, and flash them to the owner to show that you are serious and inspire some bargaining on his part. I don't think that I'd pay over $1000, as you will spend a fair amount on replacing cushions, battery, tires, vent, etc. right out of the chute.

Given the circumstances, you don't have to worry about being outbid any time soon.

Donna D. 09-29-2012 05:46 AM

This sounds like it's going to be a sweat equity trailer and most of that is going to involve cleaning. Other than the floor, there's very little wood in a Burro. Replacing the cupboard doors is an opportunity to create something uniquely your own.. you don't have to replace wood with wood, for instance.

If mice got in, you can keep them out, just don't bring them home! :loltu

We've seen some really dirty trailers and after a couple of hours of scrubbing turn to pearls. If the gelcoat is chaulky, we can point you to Red Max Pro... cheap good stuff!

We've got your back Cricket, if you make the decision to purchase :thumb

Jim Hovind 09-29-2012 06:44 AM

Sounds even better that the Burro We started with years ago. The inside was so dirty I went in with a chemical mask and Acetone.

Rick Mooyman 09-29-2012 08:05 AM

I paid $1500 for an empty shell with good floors and am doing a custom rebuild so with enough cash and know how anything is possible. As far as the mice go, as long as you get them out and seal any hole for them to get back in you should be good to go. Make sure you wear a resporator when cleaning it out if you do buy it as mouse dropings are toxic.

rabbit 09-29-2012 11:00 AM

I am still interested in seeing whatever fotos you took. Moss and verdigris on the outside are not the end of the world. Mice, if you avoid contacting the hantavirus, aren't the end of the world. Wasps and other infestations aren't the end of the world. Water entry over time thru a broken overhead vent cover might be the end of the floor and also where you place either all your personal time or a good deal of money or both for the forseeable (camping) future.

I don't automatically assume that everyone will or should find it necessary to "enjoy" the sweat equity road to personal fulfillment. I spent nearly 2 yrs. correcting the problems of a 12 yr. old trailer and can say from experience that correction a la carte adds up to a piece of change you could put toward the upfront price for a better rig. If I were you, I'd let this one sleep for a while longer and look at comparable size trailers (16-17') of several different ages at several different price levels, say 2-4K$, 4-6K, 7-10K. Learn what's available and the probability of satisfaction for a given price before you buy a pile of dirt around which to build a trailer.


We can assume that you were interested in a bargain or you wouldn't have looked. Not everyone who wants a bargain can live with one. Here's my wife's take: If you want a project, buy this for cheap and have "fun"; if you want to go camping, buy one that's 90% ready to go and have fun.

Cricket 09-29-2012 11:43 AM

I didn't get any pics as it was getting dark and i wanted to look at as much if it as i could. He doesn't really have it for sale at all...he wanted to trade for my motorcycle with and approx value of $4500...i certainly expected something better than that!?? Part of the reason we started looking at the scamp types was to keep the weight down....i am fairly certain the weight of this one would have met or surpassed the huge popup we had at 2700 pounds....hubby had to remind me of the whole purpose as i tend to get excited and just look for a good deal. I think we will just look for something newer and out the money on the front end where we might have some more control over the cost.....hopefully....

rabbit 09-29-2012 12:54 PM

Don't get me wrong; I love me donkey BUT: the inner shell of Burros (and other marques) does assuredly add weight over a single hull with Ensolite/rat fur/carpet. You can check the "Trailer Weight In The Real World" thread to get some ideas about that. Casitas, although single hull are surprisingly heavy but that may be a good thing. I assume you did not look at the Scamp. Something to be said for Scamp. They are in business and there is some support for owners in information and replacement parts. And you are located only a state away.

I paid 5K$ for our 98 Burro. I got an excellent A/C, furnace, water pump, water heater, tanks and plumbing, cushions. I got a freeze-cracked valve in a toilet, a dead 3-way fridge, dead tires, window leak, thru-hull fittings and vents that needed resealing or replacement, and the long list of bits and pieces that puts wings on 10$ bills. Please do not put the value of your bike in this trailer! If you can realize that for the cycle, add another 2500 to it and give yourself the satisfaction of a "real world" bottom line for a trailer that in all probability won't have to be put on life support.


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