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billhenry58 07-02-2013 09:29 PM

Looking for battery recommendations
Hello again. I am slowly getting to know my 1980 Burro and need a battery. The camper has a charger/converter (IntelliPower 9100) but no battery. I plan to do a little boondocking but primarily will be using an electric hookup. I have a couple of 12volt lights, but want to add a few more. I also might add an auto radio and definitely want to add some 12v outlets for cell phone and laptop use. Camper also has fridge and Dometic heater. The battery is wired for installation in a rear compartment under the dinette/bed.

OKay, my questions 1) What is a recommendation on battery size and types for my potential uses? Would golf cart batteries be overkill in weight, expense, and excess capacity? 2) Do I need to add exterior vents to the compartment? and/or a battery box? 3) Or should I try and re-ewire (complicated) to get the battery out front on the tongue? and finally, the 12volt wiring comes directly off the battery and does not go through a block. Is that an issue? should I try and isolate into more circuits? I think I`d like to just add anything new to a new circuit. thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

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