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LisaVPC 07-06-2013 03:05 AM

Here in SD
The fam and I have been thoroughly enjoying our visit here in San Diego for the past 13 days, and everyone here has been asking about our new "trailer" (which we have proudly shown all over Facebook!) and why we didn't "haul" her out here. Honestly, as much as we would have loved to, the trip would have taken up too many of my husband's PTO days. Alas, we wait for our return on Monday....only to turn around and repack for our maiden voyage with our Trillium to Northern Michigan on Friday. I have an appointment with our great local mechanic to put a transmission cooler on our 2006 Sienna and to install a battery on our my husband and I are, embarrassingly, on a learning curve with all this camper stuff. Any further advice is appreciated and we'll keep you posted! Our baby has weathered a few Michigan storms while we've been away (one of which took down a tree on our property) but we are pretty sure she's been standing strong. God bless fiberglass!

Lisa VPC

Donna D. 07-06-2013 06:09 AM

:yep Lisa, I've found sometimes I must leave my trailer at home and "motel it." Us working stiffs have to find our fun with limited PTO. It's about choices and being adaptable. Either way, sounds like you made a ton of memories and have more coming up quickly.


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