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TomK 07-08-2014 08:02 PM

Norm, looking forward to meeting you and Ginny next winter in FL. Many of your mods sound so useful. Will you be attending the Sebring Scamp Camp?


rdickens 07-09-2014 09:35 AM

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Jon -
Yes. They have solid shelves near the bottom of each compartment that are covered with what appears to be gray carpet. It looks like the top of the bottom door is about 12" high and the bottom of the upper cabinet shelf is about 21". Lots of space at the top of each cabinet that will be hard to use.
I will attach a picture.

Norm -
Thanks from me too for all of the insights you have provided recently. I'm also hoping to meet you at some future rally or if/when you might be passing through the KC Metro area!

Like the table size and the LED lights, I got explanations/excuses from Scamp regarding the doors on the 12" cabinet. I'm not sure that I believe their rationale ... just figured that they don't want to do what I am asking about.

That said, I still believe/hope that the Scamp13 was a good value considering features-versus-money-spent and it was the only trailer that I found whose specs fit within my tow vehicle manufacturer's weight limit. (I do know that I could probably tow more weight than that, but my wife loves that CRV and it has been her reliable everyday driver for several years. If we damaged it by working it too hard, I would be in the dog house ... big time. ;) )

I've been all over the country in a StarCraft Starmaster21 pop-up, but I am a newbie/rookie with FGRV trailers. So far, I have been nervous about cutting
holes into a nice shiny new trailer until I am absolutely sure that it is a mod that we really need to have and I am pretty sure that I know what I am doing. ;)

Tom -
I had heard that some National Parks had gotten strict on gray water drainage (not sure if that is 100% true) and so I went ahead got the huge 27gal gray water tank. I'd seen the stinky-slinky tube carriers that had become yellowish from the sun's UV rays and I was able to get Scamp to not mount the stinky-slinky tube carrier to the front of my Scamp. Since I will only have sink gray water, I picked up an adapter from Wal-Mart to adapt the large stinky-slinky outlet down to a traditional garden hose size. Now I have no need for the stinky-slinky or its carrier. Just a thought ......

Regards to all,


TomK 07-09-2014 10:06 AM

Tom -
I had heard that some National Parks had gotten strict on gray water drainage (not sure if that is 100% true) and so I went ahead got the huge 27gal gray water tank. I'd seen the stinky-slinky tube carriers that had become yellowish from the sun's UV rays and I was able to get Scamp to not mount the stinky-slinky tube carrier to the front of my Scamp. Since I will only have sink gray water, I picked up an adapter from Wal-Mart to adapt the large stinky-slinky outlet down to a traditional garden hose size. Now I have no need for the stinky-slinky or its carrier. Just a thought ......

Regards to all,


Ray, I could have written that paragraph you just posted. I did the exact same thing for the same reasons! I did get the gray water tank, because I heard the same rumor. I also told them to include the slinky and carrier tube, but just put it inside so I could mount it somewhere else, if at all. I thought it might make a fishing rod holder, but it's pretty short. I bought the garden hose adapter from Amazon.

Thanks for clearing up that closet shelf configuration too. When my wife and I checked them out, my mind was reeling with questions and trying to take it all in. Since then I've slept and forgot much of what we saw. Your posts are coming at a great time for us!


Jon in AZ 07-09-2014 10:16 AM


Originally Posted by rdickens (Post 469173)
I'd seen the stinky-slinky tube carriers that had become yellowish from the sun's UV rays and I was able to get Scamp to not mount the stinky-slinky tube carrier to the front of my Scamp.

Smart move. I really hate the way those tubes look! If you ever decide in the future you need to carry the stinky-slinky, I've seen several other ways to mount a carrier on this site that are far more satisfactory.

I have also heard what you heard about some parks and grey water. It's my understanding that as long as it's fully enclosed, you're good. So a garden hose attached to a portable grey water tank or even to a 5-gallon bucket with a lid and a fitting should suffice (open bucket is a no-no). In your case, since you have the on-board grey-water tank, the hose is just to do the dump. (BTW - I had wondered why I was seeing some 13' Scamps without a bathroom that had the hose tube on the front. Now I know.)

As to modifying the cabinet, I'm with you about not doing anything in a hurry to a brand-new unit! If it's anything like the standard-size closet, if you feel around on the inside face of the cabinet, you may find some glassed-in reinforcement (thick spots in the fiberglass). If you eventually decide to open it up more, as long as you stay away from the stiffeners and away from the corners (which give it vertical rigidity), you should be good to make the doors larger.

TomK 07-09-2014 10:59 AM

When cutting holes, or openings in fiberglass, metal, or similar materials, it''s best to leave the corners rounded or radiused whenever possible. It spreads the stress over a wider area. A sharp corner concentrates the stresses at that one point, and it's more likely to crack. Many drill the corners and connect them with a saw. The drilled hole provides that radius.

That said, it will be a while before I start cutting holes in our camper. That will reduce the stresses in our marriage.


Timber Wolf 07-09-2014 02:29 PM


Originally Posted by rdickens (Post 469039)
I second Jon's notion that a Scamp16_std layout4 might have been our 1st choice .... if it had a 54" bed

I have a layout 4 and kind of lust after a layout 6. The grass is always greener I guess.:reye2 But then as pointed out elsewhere you can not really fit the bigger 54" bed in a layout 6 with the dinette. Maybe they can make a layout 6 17?:loltu

MarkyVasquez 07-09-2014 03:50 PM

Scamp Full Size Bed = Smaller Table Size
Doesn't the 16' deluxe have a 54" bed or is it only the 13' deluxe that has the 54" bed. The plan B deluxe has a dinette. If it does have a 54" bed then it can be done in fiberglass.

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EllPea in CA 09-03-2015 11:43 PM


Originally Posted by honda03842 (Post 468462)

It's funny, we're home now sleeping in our Queen sized bed. We wake sometime sadly feeling as though we've slept alone, yearning for the closeness of our 44 inch Scamp bed.

When DH and I married, I had a double bed and he had a queen. He was certain that the queen was the thing, so mine went into the guest room. A few years later we gave our bed to company and slept in the double. He later remarked that the double was "more fun." I agree!

When we've slept in his van the bed is even smaller than a double and there is even more snuggle time.

I think snuggling is chicken soup for the soul.

honda03842 09-04-2015 05:25 AM

We had company, 6 family members, for a long weekend and Ginny and I moved out to the Scamp and our 44 inch bed for 3 nights of comfort.

There is magic sleeping in the front yard in the Scamp, definitely it's the not the location. There is something about sleeping in the Scamp that provides our most restful nights.

It may hark back to when you were a baby, the hearing of the mother's heart beat, the warmth of her body, the sound of her breathing, the security of her presence. Yes it is snuggling.

Yes your bodies are in contact, yes it requires some measure of compromise. No, We're not sleeping on a foot thick, $500 mattress. Yes we occasionally wake each other during the night. All I know is it works for us.

Snuggling and cuddling, sharing a tight space, 16 again. In life as we age it's fun to find the magic of youth.

I recently read an article where they wrote of couple of advantages of marrying young. You probably married poor and you grew up together. You were just happy to be together, really the reason you married. Ginny and I can afford most levels of comfort, but the reality is our little space in the Scamp is our favorite place.

We're reaching the end of our stay in our beach cottage, less than 30 days to go. It was our favorite home, it had the smallest lot, the smallest house, the least expensive, yet we had a lot of fun here.

Sometimes the bigness of the stuff we surround ourselves with masks what life is really about.

Kardon 10-03-2015 01:17 PM

Just wanted to say, some of us are happy with the smaller bed and the bath. At home my 6'2" husband and I sleep on a double bed (and we have shared a twin bed-cozy-) and we love snuggling up together. We are not big people and have always found the Scamp bed adequate and would rather 'waste' the 30% on the toilet and shower. Especially the shower as I never feel the campground ones are really clean.

twinpop 01-29-2020 05:10 PM

What to do with that "filler" piece of the table?
Just recently acquired a used 2018 13' Scamp with the big bed and found the table configuration puzzling, but thanks to this thread, it now makes sense (kind of). But now I have a few questions...

1) Where is the best place to store that "extra" piece of the bed platform when the bed is in the dining configuration? Under one of the seat cushions?

2) When we drove the trailer home with the table down the "extra" piece jostled out of the bed and ended up bouncing around on the floor. How do people keep that extra piece in place while towing?

3) That extra piece is made of really heavy pressed wood (or something like that) - has anyone found a lighter but equally strong material to use? I'm wondering if hardwood slats might be both easier to store and lighter in weight?

Thanks for any insights!

Jon in AZ 01-31-2020 06:56 AM

If it were me I’d convert the whole thing to a U-shaped dinette. 26-27” deep is a nice size for the center bridge cushion (which Scamp can make for you in matching fabric). That gives you a one-person napping spot across the back while the table is set up. A piece of plywood makes the bridge platform. A couple of small screws into the fiberglass benches will keep it from shifting.

For the now smaller table in front, bond Formica of your choice to another piece of plywood, finish the plywood, or cut down the old table. There are a number of nice pedestal mounting options, recessed or surface mount. If you recess, seal the cut in the floor with fiberglass resin and caulk from below.

k0wtz 02-09-2020 10:30 AM

42in bed
I think our 13f scamp has the standard 42in bed. we can sleep in it just fine yes its sort of close but it works for us.

we leave our bed up all day as we spend very little day time in it. The nose we put a small futon for setting and eating breakfast.

I guess we just have to get used to what we have! LOL


starling 02-23-2020 02:12 AM

My first thought when I saw the larger 54" inch bed with the smaller 32" table top was to remove the hardware from the 32" table top and install it on the 22" filler. Then use the 32" table top as the support for a permanent "single" bed and make a dinette table using the remaining 22"filler. The only modification that would need to be made would be installing a pedestal "base" for the NEW table in the floor. This set up would make a nice U-shaped dinette that could be left up permanently AND you could still have a permanent twin sized bed along the back wall.

Jon in AZ 02-23-2020 08:58 AM

22” is a bit narrow for sleeping if you used the small piece as the seat, and 22" is pretty small for dining if you use it as the table. I’d want about half and half myself. The $64K question is whether Scamp would supply different-sized pieces if you asked (minus the hardware, as you say).

If not, you can do what you want yourself with a piece of good plywood. Add laminate in whatever cool color you want on the table part (trim with aluminum edging for a retro look) and paint or stain the bridge section as desired. Save a little weight in the bargain.

The cushions are the part you want Scamp to make so they'll all match. If it’s a retrofit, you can order just the cover(s), saving on shipping, and source foam locally.

k0wtz 02-23-2020 09:32 AM

bed size
Our bed width is 44in yes its doable even though we have a king sized bed at home.

I took out the dinette on the other end and put a small futon in its place. This way we can stretch out legs out.

By the way a 13f is not 13 its 10ft not much space for doing much. We spend most of our time outside for the most part! Its rather hard to have everything as we have it at home in a 10f space!


starling 02-23-2020 05:32 PM

I was thinking 32" (size of dining table) to sleep on and 22" (size of filler) to use as dining table. All you would need is two 22" outdoor chair cushions (purchase at Target/Walmart). And while you are at Target/Walmart buy a 20"w x30"l x 28" h folding table for $20 and use it as your "table" (could be used outside too). A standard twin mattress is 36" wide so it is very close to a standard twin mattress. You wouldn't need to do any "mods", other than get a nice slab of foam and cut it to the correct size/shape for a permanent bed. The extra 22" filler piece could be stored for when you might want to use bed for two people.

Jon in AZ 02-23-2020 06:04 PM

Obviously you can do whatever’s comfortable for you, but I think a 22” table with a 32” deep seat would be rather awkward.

A residential twin is 38” wide, but most RV twins are 26-30” wide. Even 30” is somewhat wide to double as a seat unless you have extra pillows or an extra thick backrest.

You could experiment with some pieces of cardboard to help visualize what it would look like.

shrimpscampi 03-03-2020 01:14 PM


Originally Posted by TomK (Post 467832)
A month or two ago I read a thread that discussed the smaller dinette table size you will get when you order the wider 54" full size bed. I discussed this with David in the production side of the house at Scamp yesterday.

My intention was to order a bigger table. He explained why they do it the way they do, and it made sense to me. YMMV The standard bed is 44" wide, and the table is too. With the wider 54" bed, they shorten the table to 32" and furnish a 20" filler board to support the bed. The reason given was as follows. A 54" table would block access to the dining area. You couldn't have a 44" table and a 10" filler because the filler wouldn't stay put due to the way the benches are angled out for access, and a 10" filler board would be too weak to support the bed. It would break if someone sat or laid on it.

We plan to keep it made up as a bed anyway, but I like to keep my options open. You never know. If I find the 32" table too short, there are many good ideas for mods to fix that.

Curious to know what they do in the Deluxe models? Ours is Std. Anyone?


After reading your post, I was just wondering whether anyone with the 13 big (54 inch) bed puts the dinette down and uses that area only for the bed (no extender board) and the remaining part of the benches for seating? You could leave the cushions in place and fill in the middle with foam to form the bed. A TV tray in the middle of the remaining area could make the new dinette. Curious if anyone has done this and, if so, how it works.

I will be using my trailer as a solo camper and it would be nice to have a permanent bed and a permanent dinette.

starling 03-05-2020 06:20 PM

I saw a picture of someone's setup just like you suggested....with a TV tray. I am planning on this setup too, though I am going to use a more stable table, instead of a TV tray. They sell it at Walmart/Target. I am going to buy a foam pad and cut it 32" wide.

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