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Julie from Idaho 10-21-2014 04:19 PM

Question about Park Liner
Are the Park Liner cushions zippered and is the floor one piece of linoleum?

deryk 10-21-2014 04:23 PM

yes and yes....cept the part of the floor by the rear dinette since its raised so technically it is a separate piece

Julie from Idaho 10-21-2014 04:34 PM

Park Liner questions
Thank you Deryk. I am seriously thinking about ordering a Park Liner. Any advice for someone new to the RV community on purchasing a travel trailer. I've looked at a lot of trailers in RV lots and most are poorly constructed. I like what I've seen so far online at the Park Liner web site and most people seem happy with their purchase. I don't think I need the AC living in the NW and I think I'll go with the cassette toilet and a larger fresh water tank. I'm also thinking about going with a catalytic propane heater. Is the Park Liner heater electric only? I am open to suggestions.
Again, thank you.

deryk 10-21-2014 06:43 PM

Hi Julie!

ParkLiner had a rough start with the unvented batteries inside, and the tire rub issue but both have been resolved for most of us. I have #003! I love mine.

I would seriously consider a different heater then the rv furnace draws too much battery power to run the blower to push the hot air out...but no its propane and 12volt. This is my first real RV, I built 2 teardrop trailer sized ones in the recent past. If it doesn't get hot and humid like it does in NJ then AC might not be a big deal for you....this summer was very mild but usually august is horrible...but I love camping so I go.

20 years ago I looked at regular stick built rv's and my foot went through a rotted out floor in 2 i looked at...I used to have a sailboat prior to Hurricaine Sandy so I was very familiar with fiberglass and it honestly superior to stick built trailers. I wouldn't trade mine for one of them. I dream about Escapes new 5th wheeler... but retirement is like 20 years away so I will have to wait lol.

I think the ParkLiner is well designed...I have the porta potty in mine which works well since I boondock and its easier to dump it that way. For longer then a weekend I carry 2 of those blue 7 gallon water jugs they sell at walmart for an extra 14 gallons of water...I leave them in the bathroom for extra tongue weight while traveling. I have thought about a bigger water tank but I seem to be managing ok...since being in the working world I usually only take a week off at a time. But if you have the chance to order a larger tank I say go for it!

Roger C H 10-25-2014 12:27 AM

Welcome to FGRV

You can get a variety of opinions here, that is for sure!

We used our on board water for a while, but then having to winterize it every year got to be a pain. So now we just take two gallon jugs of water for drinking, and use the water where we camp for flushing the porta-potti. We also use the site water for washing dishes, heating it on the stove in our big pot, pouring part in the sink for washing, and rinsing the dishes in the remainder.
A point we got from FGRV on the porta-potti: using a detergent bottle for the flush water allows us to flush the entire bowl.

Pat in Michigan 10-27-2014 06:34 AM

Hi Julie, I just got my Parkliner in September and am a brand new RV buyer. I got almost every option because I want to travel in comfort. I just love it. Everyone who has taken a tour is so impressed by the quality and design. I feel completely comfortable pulling her and am working on the backing up skill. We are all aware that there have been some customer relation issues but I had a wonderful experience and I think recent customers of Parkliner have had a pretty smooth experience. I was at a fiberglass rally the weekend after I got my trailer and toured a few other brands. What I particularly love about the Parkliner is the high ceiling, queen size bed, the nice wide aisle, all the storage, the roomy feeling when you are inside, the fact that all the windows open (unlike most of the other brands), as you can tell I am kind of crazy about her….Anyway, I am glad you are thinking about a Parkliner, I really think it is a brand worth your consideration

Roadie1 10-27-2014 06:58 PM

I too love my ParkLiner and have so far had a great experience with the company and Chandler. I'm really impressed with the build quality of the trailer!

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