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honda03842 09-04-2015 01:20 PM

Cloud Storage
I've been writing a book for about 2 weeks on my Chromebook computer that I've used for about the last 3 years.

My book was stored in the Google Cloud. I tried to down load it about 5 days ago. When I tried to download the file, it would produce an error message 'reload'.

After a day of trying I contacted Google. The first tier response could not fix the problem via a remote connection to my computer. After a day of trying the problem was moved to the second tier at Google.

I assumed there was a Google backup. I told them I was happy to get any backup and after 3 days received a file, all 14,000 words I've written. Apparently they even have the ability to retrieve deleted files.

Feeling better today. Back to writing in the morning.

I'm breathing easier and now using a flash drive as back up.

David Tilston 09-04-2015 01:41 PM

I must be paranoid, because I don't trust the cloud.

MarkyVasquez 09-04-2015 01:56 PM

Cloud Storage
I really like my Chromebook. It backs up everything on the cloud, I have unlimited photo storage and all the operating system updates are free. No need to buy a new version of chrome like windows, it's updated free. I've also lost files and had files get corrupted using windows, and they could never be recovered. Not even using special recovery software. I also like that the anti-virus and the office is included at no extra cost. Most of the chrome apps are free or sell for a low price. Everything also transfers over to my Nexus phone and tablet.


trainjunkie 09-04-2015 02:16 PM

I do like having the cloud but I don't trust Google. At all. I prefer Backblaze.

Glenn Baglo 09-04-2015 03:32 PM


Originally Posted by trainjunkie (Post 546427)
I do like having the cloud but I don't trust Google. At all. I prefer Backblaze.

I'd place more confidence that Google will be around in years to come than backblaze ( a site I've never heard of ). And, that's the problem with entrusting your photos etc. to the cloud.

honda03842 09-04-2015 03:45 PM


I love my Chromebook for all its strengths. The price is great and the concepts better. They did retrieve the file and can even retrieve deleted files. My only complaint is the lack of app compatibility between the chromebook and android phones.

I admit I would have lost my mind if they had not retrieved the file. Hard to beat the Chromebook for $150-170.

I looked at, it's $50 a year.

trainjunkie 09-04-2015 04:06 PM


Originally Posted by Glenn Baglo (Post 546446)
I'd place more confidence that Google will be around in years to come than backblaze ( a site I've never heard of ). And, that's the problem with entrusting your photos etc. to the cloud.

The issue for me isn't whether they are around or not down the road. I use the cloud for second generation back-ups of my local files. If my cloud storage company disappears, I find another one. The chances of that happening the moment you need a 2nd gen back-up are slim.

But I'm finding Google to be less user-friendly and more intrusive in recent years. I don't trust them with my files or personal data. If you start reading some of their EULAs, you wouldn't either. The problem is, nobody reads them.

Just my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

trainjunkie 09-04-2015 04:09 PM


Originally Posted by honda03842 (Post 546447)
I looked at, it's $50 a year.

True, but for unlimited storage space along with support for external drives. I have about 6TB of local data so unlimited space is essential. Most of the other cloud back-up services either charge a premium for more than 10GB of space, or don't offer as much as I need at any price. Of course, not everyone needs that much data backed up but if you do, Backblaze is a good deal.

John Linck 09-04-2015 04:44 PM

I use multiple back up strategies. First is an external hard drive. Next is, a free automatic cloud service. And about once a week I email copies of vital docs to myself at my gmail account. Then there are the thumb drives in my safe deposit box. Also there are two portable hard drives with 30,000 pictures and 150 gigs of music in the safe deposit box.

So, two or more copies at home, two in the cloud and one or more in the safe deposit box.

Should be ok, but still keep on top of security. Never needed any of my backups, but would nerer go unprotected.


Byron Kinnaman 09-04-2015 04:52 PM

I'm not sure I trust any internet server to keep a backup, not that I have any reasonable reason for feeling that way. I like to have access to my back system. I had that while working with an in-house server and tape backup. As soon as I retired I bought home server and not it backs up all computers every night. I've had to restore a file or two, which was very easy to do. Now this doesn't do me much good while traveling. Anne has started writing books, on her second one now. The first one was done with note book and pen on paper. I think she'll be doing #2 on her laptop. While traveling I think I'll have her just use a thumb drive since they seem to be laying all over the place. Once back home the server will take care of it.
Also my internet access is very limited while traveling.

Glenn Baglo 09-04-2015 05:15 PM

You need an off-site backup. Having an extra server or small drives in your house ( where mine are ) won't help if it burns down.

honda03842 09-04-2015 05:41 PM

Generally we carry a set of USB Flashdrives, usually in the trailer. We used these when we had PCs. Now we both have Chromebooks. Since we're mostly homeless, on the road, we have no home system and haven't had a desktop in 20 years.

With our last event, I'll keep the book also on a flash drive.

I was impressed that I reached a google docs guy in less than 5 minutes. He was able to access the specific file when I gave him access to the specific file. He confirmed the problem and attempted to resolve it.

When he could not resolve the problem he moved it onto tier 2. When I had no immediate response from tier 2 I sent him a follow up email to tier 1 saying I'd be happy with a back up. Tier 2 responded 24 hours later with a backup.

That's impressive.

As to Google they are huge. I've come to realize there are no secrets. If it's not Google it's the government.

One impressive part of our Chromebook is battery life, initially 9 hours.

John Linck 09-04-2015 08:26 PM


You might want to keep an extra flash drive in your Honda and maybe with a friend. RVs sometimes catch fire.

Also 14,000 words make a pretty small file to mail to your gmail account each day.

Maybe someday we will be able to ask Google or the NSA for all our data. They have our whole lives backed up. Bejing and Moscow too for that matter.

Cheers, john

MarkyVasquez 09-05-2015 03:21 PM

I had my house burn up a few years ago. The house was so well sealed that the flames never got out. It kept smoldering for hours. When I opened the door the blast from letting in oxygen knocked me on the floor. The smoke alarms were all going off but the neighbors never called anyone. Fortunately my wife wanted to go out to dinner and then do some shopping. I had backup hard drives and backups in a safe, the safe was only good for 2 1/2 hours. Needless to say the the backups were all destroyed. I had taken pictures of our wedding pictures and our parents pictures so they would be backed up to the cloud. I also had my documents on PDFs backed up to the cloud. I might not have everything back but I still have our memories and our important documents.

Sent from my Nexus using Fiberglass RV

MarkyVasquez 09-05-2015 03:31 PM

The government knows everything about you. When you were born they issued a birth certificate with all of your info, when your got your Social Security number, when you enrolled in school all you information was given, when you got married, when you got your drivers license the government got your info, and every year when you do your income tax they get an update. Medicare /Medicare and insurance companies have all your medical information. The banks also have all your information. There's no hiding anymore. I have nothing important the government wants and nothing to hide, so I don't worry about it and just enjoy life.

Sent from my Nexus using Fiberglass RV

Byron Kinnaman 09-05-2015 05:37 PM

Some of the time you have to play the odds. The odds are very good in my favor on a fire that destroys the hard drives, for two reasons. One there's just not a lot of house fires, two I have full time fire monitoring. A smoke alarm goes off and the fire Dept. is on it's way.
The odds of a hard drive crash, are much greater. That's the primary protection I feel that I need. Most of what I would loose are pictures. If I could find an application that would work with MS Home Server that would allow me to FTP to my web site, I would do that.

Your situation might be different. Only you can determine if the possible loss and cost of off site backs is worth it.

RogerDat 09-05-2015 05:44 PM

Just to toss this out there. Use two external drives, swap between family or a friend when you get together.

When I see my sister I take a drive with my latest backups to her house and come home with a drive with her latest backups. Both our stuff will fit on a single drive so my backup drive has her stuff off site, her backup drive has my stuff off site.

Google the company that owns the copyright to your email contents.... and all this time you thought it was your email. EULA like making sausages is something you are better off not knowing the details on.

floyd 09-05-2015 09:19 PM


Originally Posted by David Tilston (Post 546421)
I must be paranoid, because I don't trust the cloud.

HEY!! What's not to trust??...

minke 09-05-2015 09:33 PM

I guess by now that we all realize that by by using Google software we are not Google's customers, we are it's product to sell. I use the Chrome browser, Gmail, Android, and my worst vision of terrorism would be for someone to make Google Calendar fail. To me Google is the devil I know and because I view their quality so high I use and accept them.

My working life was in IT. Norm, I am profoundly impressed with your experience with Google support. Generally level 1 support is graded on 1) solving problems quickly and 2) doing whatever it takes in order to not get to level 2. The usual perverse hand of management seems to have been slapped down! I'm impressed and I'm impressed!

I've got a tiny netbook and my wife has a 'normal' laptop. We bought them as Windoze machines and made them so-called dual-boot with Ubuntu. For anyone who doesn't know what that means when we boot we have the choice of Windows 7 or the Linux version called Ubuntu. We spend all our time on Ubuntu except when she needs Turbotax (or equivalent) or I need to update our Garmin GPSs. We paid the Microsoft tax for that and no more. Perhaps we could use a Windows emulator (e.g. Wine) to run Turbotax and Garmin Update but I worry about the possibility of it's failing next year.

I like the idea of the Chrome OS but how would I handle Turbotax (we refuse to do that online) and Garmin Update. With Chrome OS and the Chrome browser can you use Adblock or Adblock Plus? I like the size of my netbook and many Chromebooks are similar. It just isn't apparent that we could do all we need and want.

Bobbie Mayer 09-05-2015 09:37 PM

still thinking about backup now that I don't have regular work backup- I use Time Machine and have that but it isn't off-site.

On the other hand- I got my grandson a Chromebook for his 12th birthday. He likes to write and uses Google Docs so it was perfect for him and inexpensive for me (compared to a full computer).

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