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k corbin 05-16-2016 03:10 PM


Originally Posted by Bill Nolen (Post 556172)
Thanks everyone for the replies and comments.

Floyd, where did you find epoxy coated plywood? And, if you don't mind me much did a sheet cost? My budget is shocking limited!:(

Dennis, since I plan on keeping the bed down full time do you think that leaving "ears" at the front of the sheet of plywood, to fill the open gap on each side, would be of any benefit? just a thought...

Kai, loose planks of wood could be troublesome I agree. However I once made a "roll" of wood planks (held together with canvas strips) to bridge a gap so I could have a bunk in a tiny sailboat. It worked OK, although the "roll" ended up larger than my storage space!

Dave, that is a great idea on making your dinette table much more user friendly!

Thanks again,


Pre-finished plywood is not typically done with an epoxy. It is confusing to people because the term catalyzed sometimes leads them to thinking that it must be a two part epoxy finish which also is catalyzed. However the pre-finshed plywood that you buy will typically have a Catalyzed Lacquer finish on it. Catalyzed lacquer is harder and more durable than traditional lacquers.

You can find pre-finished plywoods at your local lumberyard. Typically what you are going to find locally is Birch face pre-finished plywood but you can special order it in other types of wood if the only choice in the store is birch. It does make a nice table top and certainly saves on the labor of applying finishes.

Anyway don't go to the store and ask for epoxy coated plywood. Just ask for pre-finished plywood and you will get the kind you are looking for. If you want to know the cost of it just call your local lumberyard. You can shop around on pricing. Sometimes lumberyards have a cash price that is lower than if you put it on a credit card so do inquire about that discount.

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