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Topjojo13 01-17-2016 06:14 PM

Hi I'm Audra
Hi, my name is Audra. I'm currently a Soldier but I have dreams of being a wanderer when I retire (4 years). I really love the Oliver Elite II, and I'm just trying to learn as much as I can about the rv lifestyle as I prepare to take the plunge. This looks like a great community and I'm excited to be a member. - Audra

Jon in AZ 01-17-2016 11:11 PM

Welcome, Audra! I will join many here in thanking you for your long service. An Oliver Elite II is a sweet retirement gift!

Best wishes as you make your plans. Plenty of experience and wisdom here, so ask lots of questions.

john madill 01-18-2016 10:27 AM

Thanks for your service Audra!
Are you doing 20 or 30 years and in what branch?

Indiana is probably a pretty good base for long-distance RV travel.

You are only a two-day drive to just about every place from the Atlantic to this side of the Rockies.

And there are probably some camping discounts for retired military personnel.

Good luck!

Kai in Seattle 01-18-2016 12:56 PM

Welcome, Audra, and agree, thank you so much for your service to all of us!

Best luck; the more you know, the better it'll go.

From Seattle

Paul O. 01-19-2016 09:34 AM

Welcome and Thank You!

Having started planning your (S)camper purchase this early will let you find the style and features you really want. And keep checking the FGRVs for sale. Every once in a while a real gem shows up, so be ready.

Topjojo13 01-21-2016 10:49 PM

Thanks for all the words of encouragement! I'm in the Army and doing 20 years (possibly a couple more). The road is calling me.

reeves99 01-22-2016 09:59 AM

Hi Audra
May your dream come true!
After serving your country for 20 years, you've more than earned the right to do whatever pleases you.
I hope you find a little home on wheels that's perfect for you :)

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