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GregandTeresa 04-05-2017 12:19 PM


Originally Posted by Larry in TN (Post 634200)
I live about 25 minutes from Townsend.
Townsend did not get hit by the wild fires so it should be in good shape.

I don't have a camper but I am hoping to get one by spring of 2018.
Do you know if there would be any opportunity to "peek" in a few campers to get an idea of what we might like?
I will be in Townsend for a natural fibers show at the visitors center with my wife so it would be nice to come by and check things out.


Larry we will be there in our 19, I think in site 6. We arrive Wednesday the 19th and leave out on Sunday, you are more than welcome to take a tour

Larry in TN 04-05-2017 03:25 PM

Thanks Greg!
Hope to come by and check it out!

Dick & Joanne 04-05-2017 07:21 PM


Originally Posted by ShelbyM (Post 630358)
It will be interesting to hear what is burned up over there and what is not. Please post reports.

Just finished a month at the KOA. Some burn on the hills before the pass going into Townsend from Knoxville. Nothing in Townsend and I didn't see much on the way to Pigeon Forge.

Jon Vermilye 04-22-2017 05:53 PM

For anyone interested, I've posted a page of photographs from the 10th Annual Southeastern Spring Eggscursion at Townsend, TN.

Larry in TN 04-23-2017 07:12 PM

Hello All
Hello All,
Sorry I didn't get to meet anybody this weekend at the rally. I came by on Saturday around four and drove around and looked at all the different eggs. Pretty cool stuff. I wasn't brave enough to stop and talk to anybody. It look like several people were packing up and heading home before the weather got any worse. Probably wise, it rained all day today here in the Smokey's.
There were lots of Casita's! And escapes. Not as many scamps. I am hoping for a Scamp 16' someday.
Hope everybody enjoyed their time in Townsend!

DeanCHS1980 04-23-2017 07:48 PM


Glad you got to see some eggs. Sorry, we missed you. Laura loves to show off our Casita. Wishing you the best in finding your Scamp 16'.

Take care,


BARNEYCONE 04-24-2017 03:21 AM

you should have stopped by dean & laura's, she is a doll and gives the $2.00 usd tour for "free"!!!!
Bbc ii

Troy Hawkins 04-24-2017 04:05 PM

Wish you would've stopped. We all love to show off our little homes on wheels. In this group, you will never meet a stranger. I was down by the creek in the 13' Burro painted to look like an Airstream and am always willing to show anyone the inside because the insides are bigger than they appear from the outside.
Hope to see you at another rally, Troy

emij 04-24-2017 04:17 PM

It looks so fun!! One of these days I would LOVE to get to a rally!

BARNEYCONE 04-24-2017 06:11 PM

Dear emij,
you ain't that far away, once drove to chama,nm just to ride the "moonlite special" to antonia on the old narrow gauge r.r., such fun!!love your state, the road from red mountain pass down to "to-hell-you-ride" is a heart stopper!!

emij 04-25-2017 07:06 AM


Originally Posted by BARNEYCONE (Post 636904)
Dear emij,
you ain't that far away, once drove to chama,nm just to ride the "moonlite special" to antonia on the old narrow gauge r.r., such fun!!love your state, the road from red mountain pass down to "to-hell-you-ride" is a heart stopper!!

Oh yes!! We used to live in New Mexico and took that old narrow gauge a couple of times! And we are headed over Red Mountain Pass to scare our kids, this summer! There are so many beautiful places to visit in this country! We are planning an extended trip out to the the SE coast summer 2018, and will be driving through Arkansas, Georgia, Florida,Tennessee and making some stops there. Just haven't finalized our routes yet, but always keeping my eyes open for incredible spots others post about!

thrifty bill 04-25-2017 11:46 AM

We arrived post rally on Monday to pick up our Escape, and stayed the night to test it out (actually stopped in very briefly to pick up some paperwork, but had to make a hasty trip home to the DMV office before they closed).

Already made a reservation for next year. Definitely the nicest KOA I have ever stayed at. Quiet, clean, on the river, away from the Pigeon Forge craziness. Lots of sites already taken. Very attractive rate for the rally too! About a mile from the entrance to Smoky Mountains National Park.

My wife gave the Escape an "A".

WaltP 04-25-2017 02:32 PM

What are the dates for next year?


thrifty bill 04-26-2017 09:29 AM

April 18-21st I think. Campground has a sheet on it already.

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