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FishingBob 07-28-2017 08:36 AM

Trailer Valet XL and tight turns?
Anyone have experience with a Trailer Valet XL and tight turns?
Preferred storage is my house but we'll have to see what the county's tape measure says. Second preference would have two right angle turns - left then right - in short space (paved); a car would be ok but to back a trailer "you'd have to be real good" and I'm a novice. (Third preference has only business hour access, which isn't great but ok.). Single axle up to 17' ( Parkliner experience particularly interesting.)

If you've had good experience on pavement, any use in a campsite?


CarlN 07-28-2017 11:35 AM

I have an Escape 21' with dual axles and the XL. I bought it particularly to make a sharp swing from it's storage spot to bring the trailer out for hookup to the Silverado. To go sharply sideways requires a lot of force with dual axles. The XL put so much torque vertically that it bent the lip of the coupler. I was able to straighten it with a big adjustable wrench. It works great on less radical turns. I think slopes would be a problem. I defaulted back to using a 2' hitch extension to swing the trailer out then removing and hooking up normally.

If you are single axle you would be fine as long as no steeper grade.

richardr 07-31-2017 10:05 AM

I use a Valet XL with a Casita FD17. I have to move the trailer sideways about 4 feet by going up and down the driveway which has a 3.4% grade, (according to my phone level). It works, but it is not easy and I wouldn't want to try a steeper driveway. We are getting an Escape 21 next month. I expect moving the trailer into position with the Escape will be quite a bit more difficult.

stevebaz 07-31-2017 10:02 PM

Get a Power Caster or make one if you have skills. Then you can manuver anywhere you want.
Power Caster Inc | The Original Trailer Mover | Temple City 800-773-3833

Keeping your trailer at home is the only way to go.
if you build one you can go 12 volt and power off the trailer battery. Power caster powers off a cord at your house.

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