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michaewa 10-14-2017 12:31 PM

Marker light LED blown fuse
Just a curiosity here... When I got my Scamp 6 weeks ago the curb side marker light lens and bulb were MIA. I got a new lens and ordered some LED bulbs to replace them. The "replaces" list matched the number on the base of the bulb I did have from the other side.

They seemed to fit OK, but I couldn't get them to come on, and upon switching back to the original bulb I realized that it didn't work either. The bulb had apparently blown the fuse in my TV. I replaced that and got some standard bulbs, just curious if anyone knows why those bulbs would have blown that fuse?

I tested them by hooking up to a battery and they worked just fine.


Tom 72 10-15-2017 07:35 PM

Could the wire be shorting against metal? If so bulb could be ok, but fuse could blow. Just a guess. Try testing the circuit with a voltmeter, and temporarily no fuse. Perhaps disconnected from main battery.

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