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Mike Magee 05-10-2018 08:56 PM

portable aluminum table 2'x4' $20 at Aldi
For anyone who is looking for a portable, lightweight table that's easy to set up outdoors, Aldi this week has a 2 foot by 4 foot aluminum-framed table for $19.99 .
I bought one today. It weighs 11 lbs and has a carry handle on one side. Rated capacity is 70 lbs. The table top appears to be synthetic material of some sort, not too thin and not too thick. The legs will telescope out by releasing push pins on both sides, so it can be set up at about 2' high, or at normal table height, or at one more in-between height. Unfortunately the legs are not very rigid and have some wobble (It feels like a $20 table, which it is).

Those who only buy quality items that will last for decades will want to steer clear of this one. For folks who don't mind lower quality at a dirt-cheap price point (most such tables of this size are at least $35 elsewhere) for very occasional use, this could be a decent buy. Once in a while I camp where there is no picnic table, and when that happens this little table will come out for cooking, eating, dish washing, etc.

Tammie 05-11-2018 06:03 AM

Great find, Michael! Looks exactly like the one we got at Camping World for uh, well, $79.95... ours does have a couple of fabric storage compartments that hang below, so for an extra $60 bucks... :reyes
You’re going to really like using your table. Sturdy enough for our Coleman stove and a big stock pot on an electric burner. It even withstood an overnight raccoon invasion.
Thanks for the tip!

Fred762 05-11-2018 07:05 AM

Good places to look for decent, useable stuff? Thrift stores and Goodwill..we found a folding table for $3 a week or two ago. All it needed was 4 plastic leg tips..folds flat like an ironing board to slide in between our totes and the truck bed "bak-flip" topper.

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