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d.illinois 07-16-2018 10:50 AM

ripping out the old plastic interior covering
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HI another day here in Illinois with my Playpac safely inside my garage I can now go about removing the old interior. How many recall ripping out the old plastic headliner with all the dust and dirt, bugs and glue residue raining down on your head. I love this part, I just think of the old bionic man tv show, we can rebuild:p you, make you faster stronger than you ever been. I have been doing measuring the cabin space figuring out will work for my design. It will be fun I will keep you advised with photos

On the interior glue that was used, any idea how toxic it was, I figured I would have to sand it off with proper safety precautions used. Eye and good face mask

I have attached 2 photos to this post showing my window ac unit in my Playpac have any others been configured this way

David B. 07-16-2018 03:25 PM

Doyle, the air conditioner looks to be a home made add-on by a previous owner. If it’s something that you think you’ll need in the future keep it, or upgrade it to your liking. We ordered one on our Lil Snoozy for a just in case moment, however in 4 years have only used while working on interior modifications here in the Arizona desert during the summer months, and once on the road for “white noise” since it was very noisey where we stayed one night. Best of luck with your projects, and thanks for the pictures along the way.
Dave & Paula

d.illinois 07-16-2018 03:54 PM

ac unit
Thanks, Dave, I was wondering if it might have been a dealer add-on to sell these units, it has to go --- and be replaced with a newer unit if I can find one exactly the same size - i am not looking forward to patching big hole either - we do sleep with a fan on for white noise - this appeared to be good installation and not leaked, We are looking at other options though, thanks for your input Doyle

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