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fofobraselio 07-20-2018 10:15 AM

Sourcing out stove parts
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Hey everyone,
After testing out our refurbished stove/oven, we found a leak from the aluminum pilot line that goes from the oven on/off valve to the oven control knob.
The piece that needs to be replaced appears to be a 1/8" inside diameter 3/8" outside diameter with a (compression?) fitting on both sides
We are in Kelowna and having a hard time sourcing out this part.
Might even be leaking out the actual switch..
Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on where else to look / what to do.

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Scamper Jim 07-20-2018 11:08 AM


Did you do a soapy water test to be sure what the source of the leak is? If not, just mix some dish washing soap in some water and then squirt or apply it to the joints and the valve with your finger. Look for little bubbles. Where they appear is the source of the leak. If no bubbles, there is no leak. Look elsewhere.

That looks like a piece of aluminum line. Any good hardware store can make one of those with compression ends. Just take your old one so they know the length. Better still is to have it made with copper pipe instead of aluminum, it compresses and seals better than aluminum.


Terry in Fowler 07-21-2018 04:09 PM

Any appliance supply house will carry what you need. I don't know which companies operate in British Columbia, but I would guess most do. The fittings used on stoves are generally slightly different from common compression fittings. I've had to do similar repairs on many residential stove. Appliances get quite a bit of abuse in public housing.

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