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thrifty bill 02-01-2020 08:05 PM

+100 I have just looked at your pictures,

You want the trailer to look spotless and EMPTY. The closer it looks factory fresh (like the pictures on Casita web site) the better. Buyers are going to compare yours to a new one. You want them to think "wow this trailer looks just like a brand new one, but I can save some money!!"

You want the dinette to look like a dinette. Take a separate picture of it set up as a bed if you want and tell buyers that a custom full time mattress will be included if they want it.

Take the pictures one day, and then put your stuff back in.

Make sure the pictures are not sideways. Make sure the picture that shows up first in the thumbnail is perfect. The purpose of that picture is to get potential buyers to click on your ad to get more information.

Buyers have no imagination. Cluttered looks small, REALLY small. Empty looks BIG, really BIG. Cluttered WILL cost you $$$ in price. Great for buyers, not so hot for you the seller.

Make it a lot less personalized. The hanging down stuff will turn off some buyers. Every buyer you turn off is one less possible buyer.

In this age of the internet, pictures SELL. And GREAT pictures sell the best. And if there is a picture limit, use them all.

jodimckenna56 02-01-2020 09:42 PM

Got it. Thank you. I feel like I’m in RV selling school. Sure needed the advice. It is spotless and almost empty. Will redo the pics again and wait patiently for just the right deal and buyer.

Jon in AZ 02-01-2020 11:13 PM


Originally Posted by jodimckenna56 (Post 767071)
I feel like I’m in RV selling school.

Try interior pictures at night with all the lights on, no flash. For daytime photos you’ll get better results on a light overcast day. Bright sun washes out details and creates harsh shadows.

Agree about removing the mattress for a clean, factory original appearance. A few carefully selected accessories- a bright solid color throw pillow, a small vase on the table or counter- can enhance, but no clutter and don’t go overboard.

Include wide interior shots looking toward the front and back that show the whole layout. They can be tricky in a small trailer- you might have to hold the camera flat up against the walls. Dinettes should be set up. Watch out for distracting reflections.

Add close-ups of major features- fridge (open, empty, and clean), bathroom, kitchenette. If you want to show the bed, you can add a simple white comforter over the cushions and two pillows for scale.

Exterior shots should show all four sides- one from the front curb side corner and one from the back street side corner will suffice. It should look like it’s ready to tow- no cords, jacks, or hoses. If desired add a “camping” shot with the awning deployed and a chair or two. Keep it simple. Crop out as much background as possible.

Even good photos benefit from some enhancement with your photo editing software- cropping, exposure, contrast. Running them through the photo editor will also usually solve the orientation issues (sideways and upside down photos) afflicting this particular website.

In the ad, lead with exterior shots (front door side first), follow with overall interior shots next, and leave the close-up/detail shots for last.

You can learn a lot by looking at other ads. The time and effort you put into good photos will be returned in a quicker sale at a better price.

Best wishes!

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