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Jon Z 06-04-2020 11:09 PM

1976 surf side tm14
Hi guys, new member to the group and would like to know if anyone has pictures of how the front and rear bunks are mounted. The previous owner had heavily modified the trailer and we would like to put them back in.


alezaki 08-13-2020 12:04 PM

Hi there. I just got at 1975 Surfside and the layout is odd with the kitchen across the front and a wide "bench" across the back. What does your layout look like?

Jon Z 08-13-2020 12:15 PM

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Hi Al,

My layout was the same as the brochure see picture attached. We have since changed it a bit by removing the dinette and making it a bed with storage underneath and the closet into a small toilet. For the dinette we made a pullout table above the furnace.

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