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rpassmore 08-29-2020 07:00 PM

Recap of our 2400 round trip from MN to upstate NY and back
We just returned from a great week visiting family in upstate NY, near Corning. We headed east via the Michigan UP and returned via mid-Illinois and Iowa, avoiding Chicago both directions. We've driven through Chicago plenty of times but the tolls for towing are not worth the time saved, hence the somewhat longer routes.

We stayed in KOAs both out and back except for our destination campsites. We chose KOAs because, during COVID, they have been reliable and predictable in their offering and processes. We didn't want to risk booking a county, state or federal park only to be told it was closing to out of state campers. This has happened to us a couple of times this year. Our stays at the KOAs in Mackinaw City MI, Madison OH, and Toledo OH were all fine. The Madison OH KOA was especially nice. Our last night was at the Rock Island IL KOA. It as clean but sites were very close together. Neighbor to one side left his outside lights on all night, neighbor to other side left their sewer valve open all night so some nasty smells.

Some thoughts on our Scamp. We bought it late last year so this is our first full season. We've done about 7000 miles this year. Midwestern and eastern highways were pretty rough in places. We now know where Scamp saved money on fasteners. The furnace cover came loose - why not use nylok nuts on those two screws? And the screws holding the trim on the lower sink side cabinet started to back themselves out. I also broke one of the ears on my 3" drain caps. Note to self - replace that one and buy a spare. We also had a temporary hiccup with our gas line, maybe the regulator? We switched over from our empty tank to a full tank but we couldn't get any pressure in the line. Stove and water heater would light but not stay lit. Whatever debris in the line was apparently knocked loose by Ohio roads becasoue the next night everything worked fine. Otherwise, the Scamp was a delight.

We have three more weekend planned this year before we put her away for the season. Already planning next year's trips.

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