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JanelleNorthernBC 03-17-2021 09:00 PM

Trillium 1300 Flexseal?
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Hello everyone,

The ceiling of my Trillium 1300 is currently bare fiberglass.
It looks like the previous owner tore down the reflective padded material (the name of it isn’t coming to me)
What would I use to clean up the remaining adhesive?

I was tossing the idea around of cleaning it all up and using the liquid pour white flexseal. Are there cons to this? As far as I can see, there is no evidence of leaks- I would just rather “paint with a purpose” than use regular paint.
I have every intention of throwing up some marine headliner ect, but that won’t be until much further down the line in our restoration project.
I would love to brighten up our lil gal’ in the meantime.
Would the flexseal cause problems down the road with the marine headliner/ padded vinyl? Or any problems?

Thank you kindly in advance.

Glenn Baglo 03-17-2021 10:48 PM

You could try "contact cement remover", which near as I can tell is the same as "contact cement thinner", which is probably the same thing as acetone. But, it will require a lot of effort for little satisfaction.
I'd just recover the hull with a material designed for that purpose.

JanelleNorthernBC 03-18-2021 12:21 AM

Thank you!

Mike_L 03-18-2021 11:44 AM

Jane, I'm not sure what you want to accomplish here? Flex seal is intended to seal against leaks but you don't have leaks. If you plan on covering your ceiling residual adhesive shouldn't be an issue. Remove anything that is loose and leave the rest in place. If you have lumps or significant irregularities trim with a blade, remove with a grinder and/or use a filler
White Flex seal or any quality white paint will brighten up your unit. Most adhesives that you would use to secure the ceiling material will stick to paint. The MSDS for flex shield will indicate any incompatibilities. You can also contact Flex seal on line and they will answer any questions you have about their products.

miarosa 03-18-2021 12:11 PM

We sanded the excess adhesive/ensolite/gunk off ours. Reflectix and headliner adhered no problem in the florida heat with 3M90.

I don't know that I would paint the fiberglass, and then adhere insulation and liner though, but I'm not a pro.

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