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Raz 05-17-2021 05:52 AM


Originally Posted by Glenn Baglo (Post 814398)
I could search the net, but I know that once I removed the dielectric grease that my buddy had slathered on the contacts, I was able to get my lights working.
I presume that if the contacts have enough pressure on them to displace the grease, then it works just fine, but in my experience, I'd avoid slathering it on lights and 7-pins.

Battery not charging? Obviously, you need to install larger wires to make up for the high resistance contacts caused by the grease. :omy

Joe MacDonald 05-17-2021 06:07 AM

if your connectors are in good condition, dielectric grease is the ticket, the pressure from the female contacts will displace the grease and make a firm connection on the male on the tow vehicle. if the trailer side is well used, the connectors get spread out, and make a poor connection.
With my Envoy, I found that the factory side of the wiring harness that plugs into the connector had corroded to the point it had to be replaced, I filled it with dielectric when I re-assembled it, and no problems so far.
If dust is a problem, you probably need to replace the cap for the plug.


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