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MJo 06-16-2021 12:17 PM


Originally Posted by John in Santa Cruz (Post 816675)
no idea why you would want to use a kludge like autowbrake if you already have a 7 pin RV connector and your vehicle is already fully wired. having the brake controller within reach of the driver allows you to manually engage the trailer brakes in an emergency, and it also lets you do things like reduce the trailer braking performance on a dirt road when the default setting for dry pavement would cause tire lockups in the dirt.

actually, I'm really surprised a Scamp 19, which is a 5th wheel that has to be towed by a real truck, would even HAVE an autowbrake, thats something usually used on very light trailers that would be towed by a car thats not properly wired.

Hi! again. I was stymied when I couldn’t get at the back of the fuse box in the Scamp. So it just occurred to me, (blame it on my 86 year old neurons). couldn’t I just cut the power cable and connect one end on one side of the surge protector and the other end on the other side? that way I can fit the surge protecter in a place where it fits under the seat where the rest of the electrical is. connect the “incoming” side to the plug end of the cord and the outgoing side of the surge protector to the Scamp side of the cable. seems like that’s the same result. what do you think?

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