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CherylJC 11-03-2021 03:23 PM

Help with Trillium fridge
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Hi! I'm restoring our 1300 Trillium and you have all been so helpful! I've followed all of the advice and our little trailer looks brand new!

One problem... the fridge is in rough shape. I'm attaching a photo of the bottom of it. It has really deteriorated and I'm not sure it is repairable. I also need to replace the gasket. Does anyone know how to fix the base of the fridge or is it not fixable? And where can I find a new gasket?

Thanks so much! I'm so grateful for this group!


David Tilston 11-03-2021 03:57 PM

A wider angle picture would help identify your fridge. However, fixing that is possible. Some sanding and new paint. But if the gasket is also shot, maybe look into a replacement. The most common fridge that would fit is an RM211.
This looks like an RM211, but with controls on the top front. The price is right:
If I was in Ontario, I would be driving to pick that up, just to see what it is. There are likely some parts worth salvaging from it, like the heater.

I have a few RM211's that I keep for spares. They were common on pop top tent trailers, Bolers and Trilliums. In fact one of them I got from someone who replaced it with a bar fridge. The RM211 worked perfictly.

Another option is an RM24, which is what I think you have.

CherylJC 11-03-2021 04:26 PM

Thanks for your response David. I checked and it is an RM24. It is beyond sanding and painting. :( It is crumbling apart. I was hoping for a solution to fix it but we may be looking at a new fridge. I've been keeping on eye online for a used one but no luck so far.

If anyone has a fixable solution, I'd love to hear options and save us $1500!

Joe MacDonald 11-07-2021 06:13 AM

to address the crumbling part, sand/cut away all the rusty bit, and then fill it with a product called Devcon Steel, this stuff mixes together like Bond, it is in two parts, and sets fairly quick. make sure the edge is fairly smooth when you are done filling, it's a bear to sand when it sets. as far as the gasket, you might have to get creative, you could try a few trips to the dump and see if a gasket from a bar fridge that is tossed could be adapted to work


CherylJC 11-08-2021 02:50 PM

Thank you! I will definitely try this!

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