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Debbie in Florida 11-14-2021 02:32 PM

Trouble with left running light
Hey All. I had a rear view camera installed on my Casita SD and learned that the wiring was screwed up. When the camera was on the left signal, which the camera was wired to, did not work. Due to my needing sime surgery I had to put the Casita in storage for several months and now the left signal does not work at all...not for the breaks either. Sometimes when I open the door on the tow vehicle, without the engine on, it the light will flash.

Any ideas what is wrong?

I took it apart and am wonder if the LED panel can be bought off the shelf.

Thanks for any advice. In over my head and was hoping to go camping in two days. Much obliged for any input.

AC0GV 11-14-2021 02:45 PM

Messed up 2 year old wiring?

Originally Posted by Debbie in Florida (Post 829977)
Hey All. I had a rear view camera installed on my Casita SD and learned that the wiring was screwed up.

Did it work before the camera was installed? I'd start by undoing the install.

Debbie in Florida 11-14-2021 02:50 PM

It did...thats an idea. I spoke to the guy who did the work. He thought it was a grounding issue. (I zm on AL now...he is in FL.)

But when I disconnected the camera the left light worked but now it will not work at All.

Joe MacDonald 11-24-2021 10:49 AM

you don't say what your tow vehicle is, some have separate fusing for trailer signals, and one of those could be blown

computerspook 12-01-2021 01:39 PM

The flashing when opening the door may be a big clue. A lot of vhicles today have the lights come on for a while when you open the door so you can get into the house. This may be what you are experiencing.

This is a case of divide and conquer. The first thing I would do is get a tester for the wiring on the TV. There are a lot of reasons that it could be a problem. The fuses mentioned are one. I use one of these to check my wiring before leaving.

Then I would go to the area where the additonal wiring was done. I would bet on a loose connection.

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