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1975 Trillium 1300
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Trailer Name 1975 Trillium 1300
Year 1975
Make Trillium
Model 1300
Length 13'
Packages Standard model, no extras, no battery, cream color
My 1975 Trillium 1300
Me at the dinette about 2002 A young member of my new family (circa 2003), ready for camping...not sure of her "tribe"!
History I bought her new in 1975, and have enjoyed camping in her every year since. Raised one family in her, and starting on second! Like others of her age she required the "frame gusset" fix to ensure the frame stayed in one peice (found this out by "accident" when one side broke pulling into campsite years ago). The exterior has "chalked" over the years, and recently i have been using a power washer to clean her each season and get rid of the dirt and outside mold. Have not gotten around to trying to restore the shine yet!
another view of cabinets view showing privacy curtain View of custom dinette cubbards. You can also see the outline for the "sunroof" cutout
Added custom shelving and cubbards to dinette area, including angled shelves in the curved areas on each side of the main dinette window ( NO holes in the fiberglass exterior were made), and a small shelf at the bottom center of the dinette windows.
Added multiple power outlets to the interior.
Added 2 power outlets to the exterior (each switched from inside), one to the left of the door, and one on the opposite side of the trailler.
Added custom shelving above top bunk
Added extra interior lights to brighten things up!
Added access doors to storage area under bunk( one for a "porta-potty").
Added "pizeo-lighter" to stove burners.
Mounted toaster oven over range.
Added "hidden" 1500 watt ceramic heater under the right hand seat by the water tank, c/w air inlet and outlet grills under the table.
Raised the hanger pole in the closet, and added stackable storage baskets for clothes.

Replaced taillights years ago with round ones, but not happy with them, they will be replaced soon with LED style.
Added Blue pin striping.
Added White "Hyundai" wheel disks, soon to have the Trillium logo painted on them.

extetior view of sunroof after the sunroof hole was cut but before the glass was installed
Added a "Sun roof" over the dinette area, which really brightened things up during the day, and allows a nice view of the stars at night! A jig saw,a piece of custom cut safety glass, some rubber molding and lots of silicon sealant. it has not leaked a drop in 7 years, even with foot high snow piled up on it in the winters.

Update 2013 Well i stored my Trillium at a frieds place over the winter, and a snow fall from a near by tree must have pushed in and broke my skylight. Dinette table ruined and some damage to shelves, as well as water in the trailer and MOLD...lots of work to do and no camping this season! Replaced the skylight and table and cubard doors so far..more to do.

Replaced the rotting plywood window frame strips with new Maple strips, and resealed leaky windows now!
Added above maple window frames, venition blinds and curtains.
Added a "privacy curtain" to seperate the bunk area from the dinette area.

Other Information
In the process of re upholstering the cushions, and doing something with the cubbard doors by next spring(2011).
Spring 2011 will require "jack" and "coupler" replacement(getting very worn).
This past spring(2010) i had new Carlisle ST 175 80R 13 tires installed.

Tow Vehicle
My first tow vehicle was a 1974 toyota Celica
then 2 toyota land crusiers, then a Dodge onmi, all personal vehicles. Since 1990 i have been towing with various company owned Mini-vans, the latest of which is a 2008 Dodge grand caravan.
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